“Our people are our biggest strength in delivering optimum solutions to our clients.”

“Challenge Logistics Pvt. Ltd., we believe that our business is people-centric. The organization can grow only if we empower our employees and give them space to develop into effective leaders.

Challenge Logistics Pvt. Ltd., prides itself on its exceptional service, ability to meet tight time constraints, deadlines and service to a multitude of industries. As an organization, our values and morals have been the guiding light for our actions. We are adept at working under pressure and having to comply with tight deadlines. You can depend on us to have your goods delivered on time and at the right time.

From Custom Clearance we have grown into all logistics solution for logistics industry. Our sustained growth has been fueled by the undying passion of our people and their willingness to success.

We believe in growing together with our clients by offering them careful guidance and services through the experience we have gathered over the past four decades.
We respect our relationship with each one of them and try to strive for a little extra in everything we do for them.

Our dedicated staff members are the backbone of our successes and none of the milestones would have been possible without immense contribution and dedication on their part.

“I would like to end by saying, that we are strong believers of long term relationships, then let it be with our clients, employees, business partners, and our investors. We want our clients to benefit from the solutions we have to offer. We want our employees to be satisfied with the growth and the opportunities they receive within the organization. We want our business partners, specially our vendors, to grow with us as we do.”

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